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Ambient Bamboo Floors

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Ambient specializes in bamboo floors and is headquartered in Jessup, Maryland. Ambient was one of the first companies to introduce strand woven bamboo into the market, which is three times stronger than the most common varieties. The company also operates out of its warehouse in Carson, California. The company has been awarded FSC Pure designation by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Ambient Products

All Ambient flooring is made from grade 'A' Moso bamboo that is between five and seven years old. Ambient was the first company to introduce radiant heat safe bamboo flooring, and the first to make bamboo flooring available in multiple widths and lengths with multi-colored floors also available.

Ambient History

Ambient Bamboo Products Inc. was founded in October 2005 and opened its first warehouse in Maryland. As part of its expansion, Ambient signed a partnership with PSI Engineering, a firm charged with ensuring all Ambient products passed stringent health, safety, and quality standards.

In August 2008, Ambient introduced its own floor cleaner which is specifically designed for Ambient floor products.


The Ambient website has a section entitled 'Bamboo 101' which gives customers useful information about Bamboo including how it is made as well as the advantages of owning a bamboo floor. There are also links to relevant sites including the Forest Stewardship Council and the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR).

The site also has instructions on how to install and maintain a bamboo floor. There is a video which explains the process of creating bamboo floors and an interactive timeline which shows the significant moves made by Ambient during its short history.

Contact Info

Ambient Bamboo Floors
8291 Patuxent Range Road
Jessup, Maryland 20794
Phone: (866) 710-7070
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