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Timbergrass Flooring

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Timbergrass LLC is the former name of the flooring company Teragren, headquartered in Bainbridge Island, WA. Timbergrass specialized in bamboo flooring and released a range of products designed to be environmentally friendly. The bamboo used by the company came from the Zhejiang province of China and is now known as 'Moso' bamboo. Timbergrass had a factory in China before the name change and this manufacturing plant is still a significant part of Teragren.

Products from Timbergrass

Timbergrass Flooring came in the form of pre-finished panels, veneers and wide-plank floors. These floors were deemed to be environmentally safe, not just because of the bamboo, but also due to the fact that the materials have a water-based coating and adhesive.

Timbergrass floors were renowned for passing all construction standards relating to compressive strength, hardness, flammability and smoke density. This placed them amongst the safest floors available to put in a home.

History of Timbergrass

Timbergrass LLC was founded in 1994 with the goal of creating environmentally friendly floors using bamboo. Traditional solid-strip bamboo was its first ever product and it has remained committed to its initial goal ever since. In 2001, David and Ann Knight became the majority shareholders of Timbergrass and looked to increase the company's customer base. They achieved this by greatly expanding the company and introducing many new floor ranges. Part of this expansion included a name change in 2003 from Timbergrass to Teragren.


The Teragren website has a resources page which provides instructions to customers on how to install floors and countertops. There is also a Color Palette Advisor that helps choose the right finish for their Portfolio Strand line.

Contact Information

Teragren LLC
12715 Miller Road NE Suite 301
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Phone: 206-842-9477
Toll Free: 800-929-6333
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