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Del Conca Flooring

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Del Conca is an Italian company that makes ceramic tiles. Its products can be bought in the U.S. at Lowe's construction stores.

History of Del Conca

The company began in 1962, in the Republic of San Marino. Del Conca invented the single-firing method of producing ceramic tiles. In this process, glaze is applied to the ceramic material and both are fired at once; many believe that this method, which is more efficient than double-firing, also produces stronger tiles. Del Conca had a growth spurt around the turn of the millennium and dramatically increased the size of its operations.

Del Conca has supplied tile for construction projects across the world, including the Hilton-Columbus in Ohio.


Del Conca has Certiquality UNI certification. Its tiles are in compliance with European CEN criteria, as well as ASTM and ANSI standards in America.

The company advertises its membership in the Italian Green Building Council, which endeavors to promote environmentally responsible construction. The Thermatile heating system is its main contribution to this effort.

Del Conca Products

Del Conca makes floor tiles, which can also (often) be used on walls, outdoors, and on countertops.

In the United States, Del Conca products are sold mostly at Lowe's. A handful of tiles are available in a few sizes 4", 6", 12" and 16" square. However, Del Conca's online catalog contains a much larger range of products.

In addition to its main product, ceramic tiles, Del Conca makes a floor heating system called Thermatile. Thermatile is a 4mm layer of carbon fiber, placed on insulation that provides simple radiant heat from electric power. This technology creates a uniform temperature across a whole room. The system is fairly efficient, although it can create obstacles to the movement of furniture across the floor.

Contact Information

Ceramica del Conca S.p.a.
Via Croce, 8
47832 San Clemente (RN)

Phone: (+378) 0549 996037
Fax: (+378) 0549 996038
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