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Del Conca Tiles

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Del Conca produces many different types of tile, organized into eight different categories. The basic materials of stone and ceramic can be found in most of the different lines. Dimensions for specific products vary considerably and can be found on the company's website. The following is a listing of a few of the notable product lines:


This is a series of elegant tiles made from glazed porcelain. Del Conca recommends these tiles primarily for inner use in rooms with low to medium traffic. Tiles in this series come in fairly austere colors like white, black, grey, and grey/green.


This group of tiles use stone which has been vitrified, making it more resistant to freezing and abrasion. These tiles are available in a large variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. Many have a classical polished stone appearance. Some are rated as sturdy enough for heavy commercial use.


Monos is a series of Del Conca's single-fired ceramic tiles. These tiles are hardened and glazed simultaneously. They can be purchased either in simple beige colors or in intricate classical patterns. These tiles most resemble the ones that Del Conca made at its inception.


This series contains a mixture of porcelain and other ceramics. Many of these tiles are on the smaller side, and can be fit together to make complex repeating patterns. Some of the tiles have elaborate designs; others look like simple glazed ceramic. One of the designs in this category has the appearance of small flattened stones.

Porcellana d'arredo

This series contains a number of unique products intended primarily for commercial and high-end use. ".IT" uses a base of basaltic rock upon which it adds different textures and patterns. "'O" recreates the appearance of trachyte using flakes and grains within the stone. Many of the designs are quite simple and designed to complement a minimalist interior aesthetic. All of these tiles are available in a range of square and rectangular sizes.


Fire is a remarkably bright and colorful line of tiles. It features various eye-catching textures and designs, as well as a few more conservative choices. Many of these are displayed as good choices for bathrooms.


These tiles make walls look like real walls. The tiles have the texture and appearance of materials resembling protruding bricks. They can be used outside or for an exterior feel in an interior space.


White is a small line of elegant tiles. These are mostly simple and many, though not all, are white. These tiles are suggested mostly for use in bathrooms. Fire, Wall, and White are all produced under Del Conca's Faetano imprint.

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