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Avaire Flooring

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Avaire is a flooring company that makes one featured product: interlocking porcelain tiles. These tiles are sturdy and simple to install. They can fit above almost any pre-existing subfloor.

Avaire Products

In addition to its porcelain tiles, Avaire sells a few other products. These include trims and other pieces for transitioning a tile floor into its surroundings. The company also sells its own underlayment material, billed for use only with its tiles. This material can be used to smooth over imperfections in the underlying floor. It can be placed atop either subflooring or existing floors made from wood, vinyl, or ceramic material.

Avaire also sells colored caulk for decoration between tiles. Avaire grout is available in urethane or acrylic and comes in over twenty different colors.

These products have undergone impact sound transmission tests from Intertek, as well as various other evaluations of performance.

Homeowner Information

Avaire bills its tiles as resistant to moisture and consequently easy to clean. Its tiles have warranties of varying lengths, the shortest of which is five years.

These floors should be swept or vacuumed often. They benefit from occasional deeper cleaning with detergent. It is probably not a good idea to use enzyme cleaner or steam cleaning, since these processes may interfere with the grout.

Avaire floors can sustain heavy furniture and frequent human traffic. They are suitable for almost any type of room. When installing the tiles in a bathroom, it is a good idea to make sure that the edge is sealed to the wall; this safeguard will prevent moisture from seeping underneath the floor.

Company History

Avaire is owned by CoMc, LLC, a company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. CoMc also operates under the SnapStone name. As of 2015, the current CEO is Jonathan McIntosh.

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13423 F St.
Omaha, Nebraska 68137
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