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Teragren Flooring

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Teragren is one of the largest environmentally conscious manufacturers of bamboo flooring products in North America. The company was founded in 1994 and is based in the U.S. Products are shipped from an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certified factory in China, either directly to customers, or to retail locations. In addition to bamboo flooring, Teragren also produces stair parts, trim, panels, and veneer and butcher block countertops.

The August 2007 edition of Inc. magazine listed Teragren as one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in America. It was also named one of the "Green 50" companies by the same magazine in 2006. During that year, Teragren received a place on the local top 10 "Greentrepreneurs" list by Seattle Metropolitan magazine.

Products from Teragren

Teragren's bamboo flooring is available in solid strips, floating floors, and long planks. Strand flooring refers to the thin strands that can be visibly seen in most bamboo floors. The stair parts and trims are designed to coordinate with the flooring selections. Bamboo veneer and panels are made by Teragren in different strands, grains, and colors. Traditional, strand, and parquet counter-tops comprise the remainder of the Teragren bamboo product line.

Teragren Company History

Tergagren was founded in 1994 with the specific intent to promote the development of bamboo products that were sensitive to the environment. Its first product was traditional solid-strip bamboo, and it has since expanded to include other flooring options constructed from quality-controlled bamboo.

As the new company shareholders in 2001, Ann and David Knight worked to further increase the product lines to compliment the existing flooring. The result was an international campaign that brought attention to Teragren through distribution. The company continues to focus on reducing dependence on timber resources, and is involved with well known environmental organizations.

Customer Resources

The Teragren website features a Resources section for customers. There are installation instructions and courses about flooring, countertops, and panels. Flooring care is also covered in the Resource section. Samples can be ordered from Teragren individually or in kits.

The Teragren Color Palette Advisor assists customers in selecting the right finish for the Portfolio Strand bamboo flooring line. Warranty information for every Teragren product is accessible as a download in a pdf file format.

Contact Information

Teragren LLC
12715 Miller Road NE Suite 301
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Phone: 206-842-9477
Toll Free: 800-929-6333
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