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Mississippi Flooring Contractors

There are some types of flooring that can be installed by Mississippi homeowners. Although these products are generally easier to work with, other floors require special flooring tools and installation techniques. From estimating how much material is needed to removing or preparing the existing floor, a contractor can help residents and ensure that everything is installed correctly and the area is cleaned up afterward.

Find a Flooring Contractor in Mississippi State

There are many Mississippi State flooring contractors available for work by both commercial and residential customers. If you need to find a flooring contractor in Mississippi State use this map to get their address, phone number, and driving directions. Call to find out what their operating hours are and whether or not they deal with hardwood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, tile, concrete, or epoxy. These contractors may provide a variety of flooring services such as installation, refinishing, sanding, cleaning, and repairing.

Licensing in Mississippi

With the exception of small construction projects, it is mandatory for all contractors to be licensed and registered in the state of Mississippi with the State Board of Contractors. Basically, if the residential remodeling is valued at more than $10,000, the installer must have a license. Certain local regulations might differ, so the city or county where the job is located should be contacted.

Residents can check to see if a particular contractor has a certificate or license though the Mississippi State Board of Contractors using this search tool.

Legal Issues and Complaints

A written contract is a detailed agreement of the work being planned, the time frame of the job, and the materials that will be used. Every aspect of the installation is clearly represented on a legitimate contract and understood by each party. Homeowners are warned to never sign a contract with blank spaces and the Mississippi State Board of Contractors recommends three separate estimates in writing. By comparing the bids for accuracy, mistakes will be more obvious.

Monetary disputes could be avoided with a scheduled payment plan. Since a minimal deposit is typically made before the work begins, the final payment should not be made until the consumer views the completed installation and approves it. No cash payments are advised and a business that will not accept a check or money order is the sign of a possible scam.

Filing or inquiring about a complaint can be done by calling the State Board of Contractors at (800) 880-6161 or the Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division at (800) 281-4418. A complaint form can also be downloaded, filled out, and mailed to the Mississippi Board of Contractors.

Common Flooring Issues

In order to prevent fraud or other unexpected installation problems, residents need to verify a contractor's license, proof of insurance, and worker's compensation, as well as their contact information, including address and phone number. Also, requesting and speaking to references will allow the consumer to learn more about the installer's reputation and previous work. Based on the guidelines of the Office of the Attorney General, no unlicensed contractor should be hired in Mississippi under any circumstances.

Known for its brief winters and warm weather, Mississippi has long and humid summers. Flooring such as hardwood can experience movement as the temperatures and humidity levels change. This emphasizes the need for a proper installation to limit the expansion or contraction during climate variations.

Unique Flooring in Mississippi

Lexington, Mississippi is the site of the Rayner Building, which was built in 1915. Once a hardware and furniture store, it was purchased by the Barrett Law Offices, and then rehabilitated in 1995 by architect, Belinda J. Stewart. Preserving the historical significance of the building, its open space layout, original cypress floors, and staircase have been fully restored.

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