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New Jersey Flooring Contractors

New Jersey homeowners might need to hire a contractor for flooring products that cannot be installed without professional expertise. There are several factors to consider when selecting the right installer, from their background and previous work experience to contract negotiations. However, a qualified contractor will make the remodeling process much simpler by assisting with determining product quantities, as well as handling the preparation and clean-up necessary for a successful installation.

Find a Flooring Contractor in New Jersey

There are many New Jersey flooring contractors available for work by both commercial and residential customers. If you need to find a flooring contractor in New Jersey use this map to get their address, phone number, and driving directions. Call to find out what their operating hours are and whether or not they deal with hardwood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, tile, concrete, or epoxy. These contractors may provide a variety of flooring services such as installation, refinishing, sanding, cleaning, and repairing.

Licensing in New Jersey

Contractors must be licensed to work in the state of New Jersey. Residents can verify the license and registration of a home improvement contractor by calling (973) 504-6200 or through the state's Division of Consumer Affairs license search. It is recommended that New Jersey consumers request proof of a state license when talking with a flooring contractor.

Legal Issues, Complaints, and Contracts

Filing a complaint against a person or business can be done through the Attorney General's Consumer Affairs division or by calling (800) 242-5846. Any complaints about a contractor that have been filed are available by contacting the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs at the above phone number or the following address:

Division of Consumer Affairs
124 Halsey Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Written contracts are required for all projects that have a cost of $500 or more to avoid potential legal disputes. However, consumers are encouraged to have a contract for all projects, regardless of price. The contract should have the contractor's registration number and list all warranties, materials, labor costs, and time frames.

In New Jersey, consumers have the option of canceling a signed contract for any reason before midnight of the third business day after it has been received. A written notice of cancellation is given directly to the contractor or sent via registered or certified mail. Following the original notice, a photocopy of the cancellation must then sent by regular first class mail.

Common Flooring and Installation Issues

Seasonal changes in temperature and humidity have been known to cause movement in hardwood and laminate flooring; specifically, contracting and expansion. The warranty instructions and product guidelines will provide details of correct installation procedures and appropriate conditions to limit the movement. Loose boards, insufficient carpet stretching, and cracked tiles are examples of other possible flooring issues.

Preventative Measures

New Jersey residents are advised to confirm the contact information for a contractor and ask about liability insurance as well as if any subcontractors will be used for the installation. References and referrals can be contacted in order to learn more about a contractor's work. Also, three written estimates by different companies or individuals should be acquired to ensure the accuracy of the bids. Cash is not a secure method of payment for any flooring installations. The state of New Jersey recommends a payment arrangement of one-third upfront, one-third halfway through the project, and the final one-third upon its completion.

Laws designed to protect New Jersey consumers, including The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, are the most effective when unethical business practices and/or contract discrepancies are reported to the Division of Consumer Affairs immediately.

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