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Flooring Contractors in New York

The protocol installing a floor in New York varies from county to county. Both regulations and supplies differ from one county to another. Regardless of location, it's important to thoroughly research the materials and the contractors who are going to be involved in setting up a floor.

Find a Flooring Contractor in New York State

There are many New York State flooring contractors available for work by both commercial and residential customers. If you need to find a flooring contractor in New York State use this map to get their address, phone number, and driving directions. Call to find out what their operating hours are and whether or not they deal with hardwood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, tile, concrete, or epoxy. These contractors may provide a variety of flooring services such as installation, refinishing, sanding, cleaning, and repairing.

Find a Flooring Contractor in New York City

You can also use the map below to find a contractor that works on floors in NYC.

Licensing in New York

Contractor licenses in New York (except for asbestos abatement and work with explosives) are locally governed. Most counties have some local system of licensing and regulation.

In New York City, the Department of Consumer Affairs is responsible for issuing Home Improvement Contractor Licenses. The DCA also issues a separate license for tradesmen who offer their services through door-to-door sales. To receive the Home Improvement Contractor License, an individual must correctly answer 21 of 30 questions on an exam issued by the DCA.

Legal Issues and Complaints

Complaints about contractors in New York should be directed to the office of the Attorney General. The Attorney General's website has a list of existing complaints and other information that can assist homeowners in the process of selecting a contractor.

Of course, it is also always a good idea to make sure that you have a clear contract for work and payment before the process starts.

Common Flooring Installation Issues

Overall, New York's climate is similar to New England's, and choices for flooring are similar. Hardwood floors are possible and popular.

Moisture remains a common problem for floors, and it is wise to read reviews of any given contractor to make sure that former customers are satisfied with their work.

For someone without contracting experience, installing a floor is difficult but not impossible. The job can be made easier with special floorboards that snap into each other; these help to fit the boards directly next to each other.

Consumer Protection

It is recommended to check a contractor's reliability before committing to a contract agreement, to avoid the possibility of having to seek compensation if gone wrong. The Attorney General's website has a subsection that allows consumers to search for contractors in different regions and read complaints.

The New York Attorney General's office is also responsible for consumer protection after the fact. After a complaint is submitted the AG's office will keep the person who originally filed the notice updated on how the case is proceeding legally.

New Yorkers can also file complaints locally with their county licensing agency.

Specialty Products Available in New York

There is abundant local wood available in New York State. This is particularly true in the northern part of the state, where homeowners can find plenty of lumber companies that sell wood. These companies will often double as contractors. The primary product they install is a normal hardwood floor, so a different route is necessary for those who want engineered wood or some other form of material.

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