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North Carolina Flooring Contractors

When a certain flooring product requires a professional installation, North Carolina residents need to be very careful in selecting a contractor. Many floors can be installed by homeowners without hiring outside help, but some projects will benefit from the skills and expertise that qualified contractors provide. In particular, material estimates, preparation, and cleanup should be made easier for the consumer when working with an installer.

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There are many North Carolina flooring contractors available for work by both commercial and residential customers. If you need to find a flooring contractor in North Carolina use this map to get their address, phone number, and driving directions. Call to find out what their operating hours are and whether or not they deal with hardwood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, tile, concrete, or epoxy. These contractors may provide a variety of flooring services such as installation, refinishing, sanding, cleaning, and repairing.

Find a Flooring Contractor in Charlotte, NC

You can also use the map below to find a contractor located within Charlotte.

Licensing in North Carolina

North Carolina contractors must have a license with the Licensing Board for General Contractors in order to work on jobs that are more than $30,000 in cost. Residents can verify the license status of a contractor through the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors. The licensing board's phone number is (919) 571-4183.

It is not mandatory for contractors to be registered or licensed to work on flooring installations that are under $30,000. Homeowners are encouraged to thoroughly check the background and qualifications of any installer and confirm their information with business listings in local publications before making a decision. References and referrals should also be requested.

Legal Issues and Complaints

Complaints about licensed contractors or unlicensed jobs greater than $30k can be submitted online to the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors. All other consumer complaints are either submitted through the North Carolina Department of Justice website or can be mailed to the following address:

Consumer Protection
Attorney General's Office
Mail Service Center 9001
Raleigh, NC 27699-9001

Inquiries about complaints filed against a contractor can be mailed to the same address or made over the phone by calling 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.

North Carolina Flooring Installation Issues

North Carolina has a variety of weather conditions that vary according to location. Some regions are prone to high winds and flooding because of hurricanes. Changes in humidity and temperatures could result in the expansion or contraction of a hardwood or laminate floor. Precautions are needed during installation to limit the amount of movement of a floor, and efforts should be made by the homeowner and/or contractor to ensure correct measures have been taken.

Preventative Measures

The North Carolina Department of Justice offers a number of helpful resources for consumers. Several of the tips suggested by the department are about estimates and contracts. At least three written estimates from separate contractors or companies are recommended to help consumers understand the scope of the materials and labor needed.

Residents are advised not to sign any contract that features blank spaces, omissions, or unclear language. Every step of the installation process must be outlined in the contract, and consumers and contractors should be in agreement about the cost and time frame of the work. Misunderstandings or mistakes could lead to future disputes and/or litigation.

Although it is not unreasonable for a contractor to ask for a portion of the payment upfront, no more than half of the total amount should be given. The balance is paid after the work has been completed. Unsatisfactory results that are different from the agreement need to be reported to both the contractor and the state authorities immediately. North Carolina consumers are protected under the law against unfair or deceptive business practices.

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