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North Dakota Flooring Contractors

There are so many options to choose from when installing an interior floor, and it can be easily overwhelming to have to make good decisions about materials based on style or price. Hiring a professional flooring contractor with the expertise to help choose the most suitable materials for the space can save time, money, and stress.

Find a Flooring Contractor in North Dakota

There are many North Dakota flooring contractors available for work by both commercial and residential customers. If you need to find a flooring contractor in North Dakota use this map to get their address, phone number, and driving directions. Call to find out what their operating hours are and whether or not they deal with hardwood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, tile, concrete, or epoxy. These contractors may provide a variety of flooring services such as installation, refinishing, sanding, cleaning, and repairing.

Licensing In North Dakota

Flooring contractors must have a license from the North Dakota Secretary of State when performing any work on jobs over $4,000. In order to obtain a license, contractors must submit an application declaring their experience and qualifications, as well as proof of liability and workers' compensation coverage.

Contractors are also required to register their business name with the Secretary of State.

Legal Issues and Complaints

The Consumer Protection Division and Antitrust Division investigates all consumer issues involving fraud, and mediates complaints filed against contractors. Complaints can be filed online or by mailing an official complaint to the Division along with any of the following supporting information:

  • A copy of a written contract
  • A copy of a canceled check or proof of payment
  • Copies of any receipts
  • A copy of a written advertisement
  • A copy of correspondence
  • Copies of any related documents

Consumer Protection

Before agreeing to a contractor's services, The Consumer Protection Division recommends verifying that a contractor has the proper license to perform work over $4,000 with the Secretary of State's Licensing Division.

If a contractor is selling their services door-to-door, they are required to have a transient merchant's license. Salesmen must carry their issued license and bond posted with the Attorney General's office. The mandatory merchant bond may be available to consumers if the contractor performs the job poorly or is unable to complete the work.

When homeowners make a purchase from a door-to-door salesman, they have the right to cancel the purchase within three days. Senior citizens 65 or older have 15 business days to cancel a sale made at home. If the seller does not inform the consumer about this right verbally or in writing, the deal is voidable.

Flooring Products Native to North Dakota

Although forests only cover 2 percent of North Dakota's land area, forestry is one of the state's leading manufacturing industries. Hardwood trees make up approximately 98 percent of North Dakota's forests and are used to create wood flooring products as well as lumber, paper, and allied products.

The total softwood and hardwood inventory in North Dakota has grown over the years, even while manufacturing wood and paper products increases. This can be attributed to the state's extensive regeneration and planting programs that are designed to ensure the forests stay healthy and productive.

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