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BHK Laminate Flooring

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BHK offers a large selection of laminate floors. These are all part of its 'moderna' line of products. Many of these floors have a regular tiled pattern, although some are designed to resemble wood.


BHK's laminate floors use a system called Uniclic that makes them simple to install without glue. The company describes installation as fast and clean, with little possibility for error.

Floor segments can be purchased in packages of between six and ten pieces.


The Lifestyle and Vision flooring lines are designed to resemble wood. They are visually unobtrusive and intended to mimic the look and feel of wood.

Other products, such as Impression, are available in a larger range of patterns and colors. Impression is the simplest in this category, but Inspiration serves a similar function.

BHK suggests that Ceramico floors, which are tiled, create a Mediterranean appearance. This surface looks more like stone.


Several of BHK's laminate floors come equipped with sound insulation. The company claims that this can reduce the volume of sound in a room by half. These soundproofed products are called InspirationPlus and Lifestyle Plus.

Different models have different features. Inspiration has an anti-static surface; Lifestyle is especially durable.

All of BHK's laminate floors come with warranties. The extent of the warranty varies with the individual product and with intended use; floors intended for commercial spaces have shorter warranties. A typical warranty is five years for commercial use and fifteen for domestic use. The "Perfection" floor comes with a lifetimes warranty.

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