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Location: Fort Washington, MD
Model: Ken 4568

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"New Synthetic Floor for a At Home Gym"
A year ago I decided to convert my basement into a personal gym complete with the machines I require. However, before adding any heavy machinery, it was necessary to install a reliable floor that would be able to support the mass of the heavy gym equipment I planned on using. After some research online, I came across a company that not only specializes in synthetic floors but also supplies the NBA with their special synthetic floor. The actual product I settled on was faux wood synthetic based flooring that not only functions well but also provides the space with ideal lighting complimented with an organic feel. These are two of the mains likes I have about this product. Since its initial installation, no repair or maintenance apart from the occasional mopping was needed. The use of the product was so successful that my neighbor used to for his own application. In conclusion, I can't imagine using any other product for this use.

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