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Florida Tile

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Florida Tile makes tiles out of a variety of materials. Naturally, these materials are suited for different practical and aesthetic purposes.


Most of the company's tiles are made from porcelain. Many of the porcelain products are named to evoke the style of particular places: Ankara, Mendocino, Phoenix, Topeka, etc.

Some of the tiles use not only color but pattern to create the effect of a particular environment. The Gran Canyon line uses not only Arizona colors, but also patterns like lace and brick.

Most of these porcelain tiles can be used indoors for floors or walls.

The company also offers High Definition Porcelain, which uses a digital system to apply glaze. This digital glaze can create an extremely realistic pattern on a structurally homogenous tile. For instance, the "Quartez" line of tile is intended to recreate the appearance of Quartzite, a mineral created by applying pressure and heat to sandstone.


The company makes a small number of non-porcelain ceramic tiles. These include bright and matte glaze, as well as the unglazed "Quarry" line. Quarry will wear over time but may be useful in a situation where some friction is required. "Retroclassic Wall" is another ceramic product that can be used to create the appearance of marble or brick.

Florida Tile Art Products

Florida Tile classifies the remainder of its tile types as "Art." Types of art tile include stone, metal and Vitra (glass). These styles are intended mostly for decorative use, or for counters and pools. They usually feature smaller tiles that can be interlaced into visually appealing patterns.

The largest category of art tile is stone. These stones come in different designs, which have varying degrees of complication. Some of them use a single color; others use many different components. Some mosaics, such as "Medallion," use a single circular design that can be bordered by a square.

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