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Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

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Armstrong has an extensive selection of hardwood flooring that can be narrowed down by category. Solid hardwood is milled from lumber. It is 100% natural wood and will react to the changes of temperature and humidity levels. For the best results, solid hardwood floors should only be installed on or above grade.

Comprised of three to ten layers that are glued together, a multi-ply structure increases the stability of engineered wood flooring. This reduces or eliminates the movement during weather variations and engineered hardwood is compatible with below grade installations. Other than the manufacturing differences, solid and engineered wood are similar visually.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Planks are available in 3 to 4-3/4 inch widths for the Armstrong solid hardwood line, and the strips are less than 3 inches wide. Also, wider planks are manufactured at 5 inches and up widths, and the parquet wood is sized at 12 inches. Low, medium, and high gloss finishes can be applied to Armstrong's solid wood floors that include a variety of colors and styles, ranging from a traditional to contemporary design.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered flooring from Armstrong is produced in the same sizes as the solid planks and strips, while adding a custom pattern option as well. Various woods, colors, and styles are featured with the engineered hardwood, and each collection is given a "Do it Yourself" level rating of beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Gloss finishes are low, medium, or high applications to provide for different looks.

Hardwood Flooring Care

Based on the recommendations listed on Armstrong's website, hardwood floors should be cleaned once a week or more, depending on the situation, using a vacuum, sweeper, or dust mop. Whenever possible, direct sunlight on a wood floor should be limited, and natural variations of the finish or appearance can be expected. Runners, area rugs, and doormats are an excellent way to protect flooring, along with furniture leg pads.


Armstrong and Bruce hardwood flooring products have a Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty and Residential Finish Warranties from 5 Years to 50 Years that are specific to individual type.

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