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Bruce Wood Floors

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Bruce hardwoods bring rich texture and color in traditional and exotic species that add designer flair to any room. The wide selection of premium woods offered by Bruce is designed to keep up with today's lifestyle by combining low-maintenance materials with the cozy atmosphere of yesteryear that homeowners admire in wood.

Flooring Lines

Consumers may select their hardwood floor by deciding on wood species, style, or color. There are nine wood species available: ash, brashwood, birch, cherry, exotic, hickory, maple, oak, and pecan. The styles available are parquet, planks, wide planks, or strips and nine choices of colors ranging from blonds to reds.

Care for Bruce Hardwood Floors

Floors should be dust mopped, swept, or vacuumed at least once a week and tracked-in dirt and spills should be cleaned right away. Wet mops should never be used on hardwood floors as the water may harm the materials. Hard furniture rollers should be replaced with padded protectors and high-heeled shoes and cleats should not be worn on wood floors. A number of products, including cleansers and mop covers, are available from Bruce.

Special Features

Bruce wood flooring is milled from 100 percent solid lumber and is sold in various widths from two to five inches wide. It is available in thicknesses from 3/4 of an inch to 5/16 of an inch thick. Solid wood has the advantage over laminate flooring in that it can be sanded and refinished when it becomes dull or worn. Most floors require refinishing every fifteen to twenty years.

Bruce prefinished wood is sanded at the factory and a urethane finish is applied prior to shipping. By purchasing prefinished wood, the homeowner avoids having to deal with the dust from the sanding process, the fumes from the chemicals, and having to wait for it to dry. Because the finish is applied in a controlled environment, the manufacturer can provided a longer warrantee for the finish as well.

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