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Hawa Wood Flooring

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Bamboo flooring is Hawa's primary product; the company's bamboo comes exclusively from China and is shaped into a variety of styles.

The company started making wood floors in 2003. It imports white oak from Russia and various other types of wood from South America. It processes the wood in its factories in China, then ships it to the United States for distribution.

Hawa Bamboo Floors

Hawa uses the Mao-Zhu/Moso species of bamboo which takes about six years to mature. Hawa notes that this species is not a source of food for wild pandas.

After the bamboo is harvested and split, it is boiled in water, hydrogen peroxide, and borate. It is then dried in a kiln. The final product has a moisture level of about ten percent.

Hawa' s Solid bamboo floors can be purchased as finished or unfinished and glossy or matte. The planks are 3.75" by 0.625" and in lengths either 37.875" or 75.75" long.

Engineered planks use bamboo on top of plywood. They have the same basic dimensions but come in the 75.75" length only.

The bamboo can also be distressed or stained. These floors come in different colors such as cherry and walnut. They are 0.625" by 6".

Strand woven bamboo floors are harder and more dense than the others. As the name suggests, these are made from a weave of dried bamboo strands. These strands are the result of excess from other bamboo procedures. These planks are 0.5625" by 0.625" by 35.875".

Hawa Hardwood Flooring

Hawa makes basic hardwood floors out of oak, maple, and birch.

Hawa also imports exotic woods mostly from South America. Varieties include Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Teak, Santos Mahogany, Kempas, and Tigerwood. Solid floors are simply solid; engineered floors combine different types of wood. The engineered floors are more stable and easier to install because the wood on the underside attaches more easily to a sub-floor.

Distressed wood (oak) comes in different colors, like 'antique' and rosewood. (Distressed oak also is also available in solid or engineered form.)

Birch floors also come in different colors: natural, butterscotch, and gunstock.

All of the floors in Hawa's hardwood catalog are pre-finished.

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