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Timbergrass Wood Flooring

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Timbergrass, LLC changed its name to Teragren in 2003.

Timbergrass did extensive research and found that bamboo outperformed wooden floors in almost every way. For example, its bamboo flooring has been found to be 25% harder than red oak and 12% harder than rock maple.

Flooring Lines

Timbergrass's line of flooring is available today as Teragren floors. Boards are available in pre-manufactured lengths of 3-4' or the standard job-site length board of 6' 2". One of the desirable qualities of Bamboo is that it expands and contracts less than hardwood. The lamination process used in Timberbrass and Teragren bamboo floors ensures that virtually no formaldehyde is released after installation.

Specific products lines from Timbergrass can be found at this link.

Timbergrass floors are available with a 25 year residential limited warranty on its floor finishes.

Caring For A Timbergrass Floor

Taking care of a bamboo floor is no different from looking after a hardwood floor. The floor should be vacuumed, swept regularly and mopped using only a damp mop. Excess water should not be allowed on these floors and all spillages need to be dealt with immediately or else stains could occur. The humidity levels in the room should be kept around 50% but bamboo floors tend to react better to humidity than their wooden counterparts.

Specialized wax crayons can be applied to any deep scratches that form on the floor. These crayons are designed with Timbergrass floors in mind which enables easy color matching.

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