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Location: Riverside, CA

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"I Love My Turf"
I bought the Beaulieu Vantage Ivy Green carpeting about 2 months ago for my deck/ yoga studio. I love how it was pretty easy to install. Since I was installing it in a area that was open to the elements, I didn't install a padding layer. If you do, your just asking for mold. I liked the 4 year warranty on both wear and fading. Since buying this carpet, I have enjoyed the outdoors a bit more. The rug can be a bit of a pain when you first get it with the softness. I would have to say that was the only issue that I had with the carpet. Beyond that I have not had any issues with the carpet with smell or water issues. I would tell anyone I know to buy this stuff to make your house a bit more green looking. It also will make the concrete slab out back look a lot nicer.

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