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Eliane Tile

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Eliane has been manufacturing ceramic tile since 1960; the company later added porcelain tile to its line. Tile is available for all types of residential, commercial, and outdoor applications. Eliane factories are located in Brazil; its headquarters are in Brazil and in the United States.

Tile Lines

Eliane tile is offered through Home Depot and other retailers in the United States. Sizes for the square floor tile include 20"x20", 18"x18", 16"x16", 13"x13", and 12"x12". The square tiles come in gradually smaller sized down to size of 6"x6". Rectangular tile is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 4"x17" down to a more modest 4"x8".

Colors range from beige, cream, and gold to ones in the gray and green color families. Textures can vary from a matte finish to an unglazed look for outdoor tile. All Eliane floor tile is formulated to be non-skid; the company rates its tiles on how skid-resistant they actually are. The grades include marginally skid-resistant, skid-resistant, and highly skid-resistant. This information can be helpful for consumers who are elderly, disabled, or have children.

Do-It-Yourself Resources

The Eliane company website from Brazil does offer customers information about installation and other issues with tile. American consumers can use Google translation to read the material. Information is offered about how to maintain and clean the tile after installation, as well as help for the grouting process during installation. Customers can even find out which tile is appropriate for use around swimming pools.


Eliane does not list specific warranty information on their website. They do offer a contact number for after-purchase claims. As Eliane is a manufacturer, customers can pursue any issues or claims they may have with the retailer. The company does note a dedication to quality and vows to always pursue the safest methods in regard to employee and environmental safety.

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