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HomerWood Wood Flooring

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Many of HomerWood's floors are uniquely handcrafted by Amish artisans who live in the Titusville, PA area.

Flooring Lines

HomerWood offers four distinct lines of flooring products

Taking Care Of Your HomerWood Floor

HomerWood floors should be cleaned in the same way as regular hardwood floors. This means they should be swept and vacuumed often with no excess water allowed on them. Mops should be damp when used to clean. Purchase a hardwood floor cleaner in a spray container. Never wax or polish these floors and avoid walking on them in heels or spikes. Keep the humidity in the room between 30-50% and homeowners with pets should keep the claws of the animal trimmed. Finally, place mats near sinks to absorb any spillages that may otherwise damage the floor.

Contact HomerWood

HomerWood Premium Hardwood
1026 Industrial Drive
Titusville, PA 16354
Phone: (814) 827-3855
Fax: (814) 827-3629
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