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Mannington Synthetic

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The look of wood, stone, and porcelain is available from Mannington in laminate, vinyl, and fiberglass materials that are easier to maintain and less expensive to install than the natural materials. And rubber flooring, a commercial product, is becoming popular for use in home gyms and playrooms.

Mannington Flooring Lines

Six laminate flooring collections offer a broad variety of wood species, colors, and shades. These come in plank for wood look-alikes or in tiles for stone and porcelain. Vinyl flooring also offers the look of wood, tiles, or stone in various textures, sizes, shapes, and installation options. These, too, come in tile or plank depending on whether the appearance of wood or porcelain is preferred.

One line of Mannington vinyl floor comes with a fiberglass core is which provides the look of wood or tiles with extra cushioning underfoot for comfort and use. Rubber flooring is usually reserved for spaces in which deep padding is desired such as in home gyms and to protect children from injury in their indoor playrooms.

Instructions for Do-It-Yourselfers

Mannington products come with detailed instructions for homeowners who wish to undertake the work of installing a floor themselves. The installation guides cover all of the elements of preparing a space and the materials, ensuring the correct tools are available, and doing the work itself. Photographs of the step-by-step instructions also help in deciphering the process and in ensuring the installation gets done properly.


Mannington provides coverage for all of its products although these vary depending on the item in question. For example, its laminate flooring is guaranteed to "be free from manufacturing defects and, for the applicable warranty period, under normal household conditions, will not fade under artificial light or sunlight, stain or show wear through the image layer and will resist water damage" according to the company's warranty.

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