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Mannington Wood Flooring

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The visual impact of hardwood floors never fails to impress when the correct balance of style, color and design has been achieved. Mannington's broad collection of engineered wood flooring materials offer a multitude of design possibilities along with the ease of maintenance provided by modern varnishes that protect the planks.

Mannington Flooring Lines

Mannington hardwood flooring is engineered in 182 wood types and colors including hickory, oak, maple, and bamboo. Its five collections - Earthly Elements, American Classics, Caspian, Exotics, and Handcrafted - provide enough choices to fit any decor and budget.

Caring for Wood Floors

Mannington recommends that homes be kept in the 35 to 55 percent relative humidity zone and between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the best environment for wood floors. Regular vacuuming or sweeping is also important to remove sand, dirt or other materials that may damage the wood surface. All spots should be cleaned immediately and spills wiped up to avoid permanent damage to the flooring material.

Special Features of Mannington Wood Flooring

Mannington's engineered hardwoods are far stronger than a single piece of solid wood because they made of several layers glued together. Because it is more structurally sound and won't buckle, gap, cup or twist, engineered hardwoods can be installed in basements and directly onto concrete whereas traditional hardwood floors cannot. The top layer affords a more consistent color and design pattern than even nature can provide.

Do-It-Yourself Resources

The Mannington company provides installation instructions but states that it "strongly recommends using trained, professional installers for the best long-term performance" of any of their flooring products. Should weekend warriors decide to install a Mannington floor, the company counsels that they follow all directions and advice in the installation guidelines provided. These, according to Mannington, are based "on industry-accepted recommendations as well as results gained from regular field-testing."

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