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Mannington Tiles

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Consumers looking for a variety of styles and colors to choose from will have no difficulty finding something to match their decor from the Mannington collections of porcelain tiles. The available range of bright, modern colors to subtle, classic shades makes Mannington a popular brand for new construction and renovations.

Product Lines

The company offers 17 collections of porcelain tiles with names such as Cairo, Opera, Foliage, and Monterey. Over 180 different styles and colors are available including accent tiles in various sizes to highlight special features in a room.

Special Features

According to the company, Mannington tiles are certified 100% porcelain, which means the product "is fired at higher temperatures than regular ceramic tile, so it's more dense, less porous, and shows better wear characteristics." It is also 30% stronger than granite, will resist staining, and is easy to clean.

Three types of porcelain tile are sold by Mannington. A glazed tile is one on which a finish has been applied that covers the surface. Its Color-Core tile has a glaze applied to the top but the body of the tile shows through as an integral part of the color. The porcelain for Tru Color tiles is colored through - as opposed to applied as a coat.

Environmental Considerations

Homeowners who are concerned about the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may result from certain finishes can be assured, according to Mannington, that its product contains "ultra-low VOCs."

Mannington Warranties

Mannington provides warranties on its porcelain tiles against manufacturing defects and will replace, free of charge, the material in compatible color and shade. The company will not be responsible for labor charges for installing replacement material, however, so homeowners will want to ensure that the tiles are in perfect condition before they are installed.

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