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Mohawk Tile Floors

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Mohawk offers ceramic and porcelain tiles in its Classic, Natural, Rustic, Slate, and Artistic Statements collections. They are available in square, rectangular, and accent sizes for use in any room in the house.

Product Lines

The Mohawk ceramic tiles collections Wakefield and Willow Glen provide the look of marble and stone without the costs associated with those high-end designer products. These tiles are coated with colored glazes and fired in kilns at approximately 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its porcelain tile collections include Monticino, Travino, Sorriso, Seguro, Riverstone, Stone Creek, and Borghesi. As porcelain is made of finer-grain clay than ceramic, the resulting denser body makes these tiles more resistant to moisture, staining, and wear.

Care and Maintenance of Mohawk Tile Floors

To avoid damaging the surface of tiles, Mohawk recommends that all cleansers be tested on a small area before they are applied to a tile floor. Wax-based cleansers or those containing bleach or acid shouldn't be used on tiles. All oil-based detergents and sealants should also be avoided. Harsh cleaning aids like scouring pads and steel wool may remove the surface glaze and should not be used. The grout joints should be sealed to protect them from moisture.

Do-It-Yourself Resources

Mohawk provides homeowners wanting to install a tiles floor themselves instructions on how to prepare the surface, lay out the tiles, apply the adhesive, cut and set the tiles, as well as how to grout the joints. The weekend warrior should realize that the job will require some special tools that will need to be purchased or rented such as a tile or wet saw, a tile trowel, a grout float, and tile spacers.

Environmental Considerations

The Mohawk company prides itself in the fact that none of its three tile processing plants produces wastewater in the manufacturing of its products. It also boasts of newer fuel-efficient equipment, decreased downtime with kiln loading, turning off kiln burners to reduce fuel wastage, and the installation of office-occupancy sensors.

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