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Mohawk Carpets

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Consumers have more than just colors and piles to choose from when selecting new carpets. They must also consider materials, weave, special features, warranties, and even whether to help save the planet with their purchase. Mohawk offers 11 color categories which encompass hundreds of different colors, as well as four material classifications (nylon, polyester, olefin, or triexta). Weave choices include cut pile such as Saxony, loop pile such as Berber, or cut-loop pile such as found on patterned carpets.

Carpeting Lines

There are two Mohawk carpeting lines: the Customweave Collection with 59 styles of carpeting and the Floorscape Collection with over 250. The choices come in practically every shade of beige, brown, blue, grey, green, pink, and rust in bright colors and pastels. Additionally, both lines feature choices in fiber types, stain resistance, and environmentally friendly innovations.

Special Features of Mohawk Carpets

Mohawk protects its Wear-Dated® carpet fiber from possible damage done by children and pets with Scotchgard's Advanced Repel Technology. This well-known product repels liquids and resists soiling and has saved many a carpet from stains. Today, according to Mohawk, "it's been improved to offer even better protection."

Another feature available with Mohawk carpets is their own padding called Smart Cushion™. Smart Cushion is intended to improve a carpet's feel and softness as well as its durability. If you purchase a Smart Cushion at the same time as you purchase a carpet, Mohawk automatically adds twenty years to the carpet's warranty.

Environmental Considerations

Mohawk is the maker of EverStrand™, a carpet fiber manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. The company purchases 215 million pounds of plastic bottles annually, chops them into chips, and melts them back into plastic resin for use in the production of carpet fibers. The SmartStrand™ carpet is made in collaboration with DuPont and uses fibers made with Bio-PDO™ which is made from corn sugar. The company expresses its commitment to the environment, saying "For us, Earth Day is more than one day out of the year. It's about changing the way we think and incorporating earth-friendly thought into even the way we furnish and design our homes-saving the earth doesn't mean sacrificing style."


Mohawk carpets warranties vary according to the collection, and thus the quality, but most are covered against the following: stains, fading, soil, wear, and manufacturing defects for up to 20 years.

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