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Mohawk Wood Flooring

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The appeal of wood flooring in homes has not diminished with the centuries. In fact, this market has seen remarkable growth in the past decade thanks to Mohawk and the availability of more affordable products, broader style selections, and easier to install materials.

Flooring Lines

Four lines of Mohawk hardwood floors are marketed under the names Traditional Expressions, Nature's Eloquence, Antique Artisans, and Exotic Treasures. Mohawk offers engineered, solid, or longstrip wood planks with three finish options: CrystalShield, Aluminum Oxide Ceramica, or Natural Oil.

Special Features

The application of Scotchgard™ Protector Advanced Repel Technology before the product leaves the factory makes Mohawk floors easy to clean and prevents their becoming stained. It keeps grit, dirt, stains, and spills from sticking to hardwood floors. Mohawk claims that "even paint, nail polish, or permanent marker can be erased with a soft cloth, so cleaning and maintenance are quick and easy." Scotchgard also reduces the build-up of soil which leads to floors looking newer for a longer period of time.

Care and Maintenance of Mohawk Wood Floors

Wood floors should be swept or vacuumed regularly and spills should be wiped immediately before they stain. Wet mops should never be used on wood floors as the water may damage the wood. Soaps, wax, and other liquids may also damage the floor. The surface should be protected from any sharp objects such as furniture legs, animal nails, high-heeled shoes, and sports cleats.

Do-It-Yourself Resources

Mohawk provides step-by-step instructions for the careful planning and execution of all stages of the installation process for individuals who want to undertake this work themselves. These steps include getting the room and floor prepared, laying the hardwood planks, and finishing the floor.

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