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Date created:
Location: North Carolina

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied, 1 out of 5

"Mannington Engineered - AVOID"
Mannington Blue Ridge Hickory Engineered Hardwood (premium, 25 year warranty) was installed in our new home. Within 18 months the flooring exhibited cracks at the end of the boards and within 24 months the boards began peeling and cracking. Within 36 months - the boards had severe cracks and splits; in fact - if you walked on the floor barefoot - you got splinters in your feets. Mannington agreed to send an inspector who verified that the condition was throughout the house; the inspector indicated that the boards may not have been kiln dried as all environmental conditions were within the Mannington specifications (I.E. humidity was within the specified range, there was no excessive moisture, floor cleaner used was approved). He stated that he would submit a report to Mannington within the week and we should request a copy of the assessment. When we spoke to Mannington, however, they refused to provide a copy of the report - stating they paid for it and it was confidential! And although Mannington reps confirmed that the report did not identify any environmental or installation conditions which could have caused the splintering - Mannington insisted that this did not mean that the product failure was due to a manufacturing defect. This made no sense of course...if the product failure was not caused by environmental conditions in the home or by improper care - the only other cause could be manufacturing issues. To appease us, Mannington agreed to have the installer take out three boards and return them to the factory for analysis; per Mannington the results of that analysis were "findings of severe cracks and splits of unknown cause"; since cause was unknown - the claim was denied. They said that although their warranty states that they warrant against buckling, warping, separate of plies (and all these were present in our flooring) - the warranty is only valid if the home owner can prove it was due to their manufacturing process...and since the consumer has no way to do that - they rarely have to stand behind their warranty (yes - the joke is on the consumer). In fact, today the supervisor suggested that maybe before we moved into our new home there was a flood that we were not aware of - or that someone tried to clean our wood floors with a carpet steam cleaner. Being a new home - this is highly unlikely. Conclusion- Mannington does not stand behind it's products. The 25 year warranty is worthless. Do not buy from Mannington. Retailer/installer confirmed this has been his experience with Mannington and he no longer recommends consumers the brand.

Date created:
Location: Boston, MA

Satisfaction Rating:
3 of 5 stars Neutral, 3 out of 5

"Beautiful Floors, Not Much Durability"
My husband and I first had these floors installed in the early 2000's and loved the transition from plank to plank. The physical seems are very smooth, but you can easily tell that each piece is its own separate plank. What I least enjoyed about these floors has to be how easily they seem to scratch, they were installed in my living room and did not do well against the furniture. About halfway through their life (2005), my husband and I had to get the scratches repaired, which was easy enough and not so costly. However the process was frustrating and since then we have been much more careful about installing special feet for the bottoms of our furniture so that the floors would be preserved. I would likely recommend these floors to a friend, simply because of the aesthetic value, but would warn against how easy it was to scratch them.

Date created:
Location: Phila, PA

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied, 5 out of 5

"What we think of our Bamboo Floors"
We put in bamboo flooring almost two years ago when we redid our finished basement and first floor. We chose a lighter color for the basement and a darker finish for the main floor (living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom). We wanted a very durable and strong floor since we have three large dogs (nails on those floors!) so we went with bamboo because of its durability and look. We love the way they look; we love the three inch planking as opposed to wider planks and the feel of them under our feet. We haven't experience any problems with them as of yet. They've held up to three big dogs and two rowdy boys just fine with no real scratching and no warping. My husband is a contractor so installing was easy. (They are the nail down, not the click into each other type). We haven't had any issues that warrant repair and we have recommended them to many friends; we will at some point redo the floors upstairs as well and I'd love to have the same flooring throughout the whole house.

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