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Shaw Carpeting

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The Shaw Industries line of carpeting includes well-known brands such as Cabin Craft, Sutton, and American Home. They also offer a broad selection of area rugs - one of the company's original products - in a number of classic and modern styles and colors.

Carpeting Lines

To select a carpet, the Shaw website prompts consumers to identify how their carpet will be used: Family Friendly, Heavy Traffic, Indoor/ Outdoor, Residential, and Commercial. From there, consumers can choose from seven carpeting collections in a wide range of styles and colors.

Special features of Shaw carpets include:

Several Shaw flooring products were used in the 2010 HGTV Green Home, including Anso Nylon carpeting in the kids' bedroom and in a living room bound area rug. Anso nylon, made from 25% post-consumer content and manufactured to be recycled, is one of several ways that Shaw Industries contributes to a more sustainable environment.

Care and Maintenance of Shaw Carpets

A combination of preventive maintenance, regular vacuuming, prompt spot and spill removal, and a good cleaning schedule will lengthen the life of any carpet. According to company information, most stains are caused by sugar-based spills in which sugar residue collects soil from ordinary shoe traffic and results in a discolored area appearing stained. The same is true of spills cleaned with a detergent that isn't sufficiently rinsed. The sticky residue collects soil in the same way as sugar resulting in a stain. This is why it's so important to rinse thoroughly with water and blot dry after removing any spill.


Shaw Industries provides a variety of warranties for all of its carpeting with the terms depending on the product purchased. Carpets are covered against soil and stains for the lifetime of the materials and between 10 and 20 years for texture retention and abrasive wear. With the purchase of Shaw's Triple Touch™ Cushion, consumers can double the length of their warranty.

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