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My zip code is: has accepted carpet reviews from flooring consumers since mid-2010. When a review is written, the homeowner, landlord, or contractor chooses a rating between 5 ("Very Satisfied") and 1 ("Very Unsatisfied"). We average out these ratings and rank the carpet brands from best to worst. Here are the current carpet rankings:

  1. Dupont
  2. Anso Nylon
  3. Milliken
  4. Tigressa
  5. Lees
  6. Trafficmaster
  7. Shaw
  8. Mohawk
  9. Gulistan
  10. Kraus
  11. Home Depot
  12. Stainmaster
  13. Coronet
  14. Martha Stewart Living
  15. Lowes
  16. Beaulieu
  17. Empire
  18. Stanton

If a brand of carpet has fewer than 5 reviews, we do not list it on this page. This is because a single review could have too much of an effect on the ranking. One 5 star rating, for example, would push a brand to the top spot.

All of our carpeting reviews are available here.

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